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15 Things to Do with Your Old Phone

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Story time: My phone stopped working the other day. As in completely frozen and not even loading the icons in my folders. For months I had been getting messages that I was running out of space, which led me to transferring everything over to my computer, bit by bit. Ironically enough, this was the longest time I’ve had a phone. But all good things must come to an end, especially with modern technology; however, this doesn’t mean my old phone automatically gets demoted to scrap metal. There are still plenty of options for a veteran phone that’s approaching its shelf life.

Here are ten things you can do with an old phone: 

    1. Sell it – Believe it or not as old as your phone might be, it’s still worth something. While weighing out your options, you might want to consider selling it. Sites like will give you the best bang for your buck. This site also lets people buy phones for really cheap, so you know. After selling your old phone, you can get an easy replacement too. 
    2. Recycle it – You might be through with your phone, or maybe it’s been sitting in your drawer for months and you just want to chuck it, but please. Whatever you do, don’t throw it out. It’s bad for the environment and also a waste. Best Buy and Staples for example will recycle old phones for free. Even better are some places that will pay you a little for your old phone; it’s not a lot but every little bit counts! 
    3. Use it as a home phone – Nowadays, an extra phone line is sometimes cheaper than having a house phone. Using an old phone for your home makes sense as you can always leave it on ring, and it’ll serve as a backup for reaching your family in case they don’t answer their personal cells or if their phones have died.
    4. Trade it in – Certain phone carriers allow you to trade your phone and in exchange you get a discount on your next device. It’s an incentive to upgrade, and everyone wins. Or sometimes phone carriers might offer certain deals like a free line if you trade in when you’re switching carriers. There’s always room for negotiating!
    5. Pass it down – This goes without saying, but I’m sure there’s someone in your family or group of friends who would take your phone and appreciate it. Whether it’s a younger cousin or a parent with a more traditional phone and might want something fancier, there’s always somewhere to spread the love. Or perhaps it’s time your teen has their first phone, so you think this is a good way to track where they are and keeping them in contact. And for your smaller kids who want to be just like mommy and daddy who are always on their phone, well. I think you’d rather they play with an old phone.  
    6. Donate it – There are organizations that accept old phones for those in need. It’s a great and easy way to give back to the community. Sometimes we forget that mobile phones are a luxury. But they are definitely a necessity for our generation, and we can take it for granted that they’re not necessarily available to everyone. 
    7. Use it as a travel phone I recently went to Paris and after my flight got delayed for 24 hours, what was already a short trip got cut even shorter. Then once in Paris, I managed to lose my phone after finally seeing the Eiffel Tower. I luckily tracked it down eight hours later by a small miracle, but what would have saved me some peace of mind would be using a backup phone simply for traveling. That way I won’t have a heart attack if I lose it while abroad.
    8. Use it for your car – For those of you who don’t have a fancy car that can tell you where you’re parked, this can be a DIY GPS tracker. You can also keep it in your car and have it as a music player. Or you can also mount it under your center mirror and use it as a dash cam. 
    9. Turn it into a business phone – When you have your own business, sometimes it’s tough to separate your personal life from business. A second phone for work might become necessary. It’s also just good for your mental health to keep business separate from the rest of your life. 
    10. Just keep it – If you’re like me and tend to lose things chronically, it might be a good idea to just keep an old phone as backup. It’s never a bad thing. That way if you’re like me, you’ll have a ready standby when you lose your phone or if it gets demolished in a freak accident. An old phone is better than no phone!



If you do decide to keep the phone here are also some other quick ideas:

  1. Alarm clock If you’re not a morning person and want to just smash your phone when your alarm sounds off, then maybe it’s a good idea to keep it just so you can throw it across the room. Half joking. Half serious. 
  2. Remote control – It’s pretty impressive what a smartphone can do nowadays. For example, you can turn an old phone into a universal remote for your TV and multiple smart devices in your house. 
  3. Security camera – This is especially relevant for families with children; it just creates an extra level of security and it’s an easy option to implement.
  4. Baby monitor – There are now apps you can download where you can watch how your baby is doing, whether they make a sound or move around. 
  5. SOS phone – You can never be too safe. Storing away an old phone in a safe place with a prepaid SIM card as a backup is a good security measure, especially if your phone ever gets taken away or if you’re constantly being tracked. It might be a good idea to just have it hidden to protect yourself. 

These are just some small ideas on what you can do with your phone. There’s of course so much more but just know there’s always more options. Explore all your options and see what is the best choice. 

Trademore is a website to help you see how much your device is worth and if it’s worth selling. You can also buy certified devices and trade in phones as well as tablets or even apple watches. 

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