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It’s almost time for one of the most festive occasions of the year where family and friends gather! November always feels like such a rush, and there’s nothing like taking a break for a fun catch up session with not just good food, but amazing food. People always talk about memorable Thanksgivings of years past, and I for one want to make sure the food leaves a lasting impression! I was originally going to make a list only for Thanksgiving, but the dishes on here can be used for pretty much any occasion. 

Classic “Thanksgiving” Checklist – I don’t need to say much here; these are literally the holiday staples. 

  1. Stuffed mushrooms – These are super delicious (for mushroom lovers especially!), super easy little bites that everyone can enjoy while working up an appetite. It’s also a delicious vegan/vegetarian-friendly option.
  2. Garlic bread – A classic side dish but sooo good. I haven’t met one person who doesn’t love garlic bread. And if you do, then you simply haven’t had the right one.
  3. Simple green salad – Lately I’ve been really loving arugula and burrata cheese, and a salad is a healthy option to balance out those super indulging dishes.
  4. Mashed potatoes – I mean, this is a must! Everyone loves potatoes, especially when autumn turns into winter. This easy recipe is so easily personalized as well, whether you want to add bacon bits or garlic or diced onions or whatever ingredient your heart desires!
  5. Green bean casserole – Over the years I’ve really grown to love this dish, especially with all the protein and carbs on the table. We all need some greens in our system. But don’t be deceived by its homely appearance; eat enough of this dish and you’ll find yourself full before you know it!
  6. Turkey (with gravy) – Duh, I mean what is Thanksgiving without a turkey? No other words required. Gobble gobble!!
  7. Honey glazed pineapple ham – Not everyone likes turkey as their choice of meat, so this is another great option. Sliced ham that’s both sweet and savory. Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm!
  8. Stuffing! – Great for that family member whose appetite is bigger than the actual turkey. It will make them feel so full they’ll actually feel like the stuffed turkey themselves. Also a fun recipe to play around with in terms of ingredients.  
  9. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top – This is something I look forward to the most. The smell as it’s baking is my signal that Thanksgiving is here. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, this dish is to die for. 
  10. Pumpkin pie – Or really any sort of pie! In case you still had room after those hefty entrees, pies are a hearty dessert option. And even if you are absolutely stuffed after all that eating, you’ll still somehow find room for a bite!

I’m not a chef myself, but I wanted to make a list for more creative items.

  1. Guacamole dip – Okay, I know this has little to do with potluck or Thanksgiving but let me tell you, this will be popular. Literally no one can resist guacamole dip! (Okay maybe some people, but 95% of people LOVE anything to do with avocado.) But all jokes aside this is a great appetizer that’s easy to eat and not too messy. 
  2. Deviled eggs – Argh, I drool just thinking about it. I LOVE deviled eggs, like I would squeeze them with the biggest hug if I could. They’re so yummy and not to mention eggs are good for you!
  3. Shrimp cocktail – Easy to eat, delicious, and personally a crowd favorite in my experience, it’s almost always the first thing gone. Also adds a bit of flair to your table.
  4. Sushi platter – Another super popular dish! People usually treat themselves to sushi occasionally, but you can definitely roll in as the MVP if you bring this as a treat for everyone.
  5. Potstickers/dumplings – These easy to eat treats are another crowd favorite. Bring some yummy dumpling sauce options as a bonus and you’ll definitely see those dumplings disappearing one by one.
  6. Lumpia – Another highly enjoyable alternative that many people love. They’re crunchy, savory, and bite sized. And dipped with the sweet chilli sauce? Delicious!
  7. Fried rice – This can be a hit or miss; some people really like it and some people could do without it. I say it’s a simple dish which can always be used as a side. Food during Thanksgiving will always be eaten eventually!
  8. Chinese roasted duck – You can buy a good amount for less than $20 and everyone loves it. (Plus it goes amazing with rice!)
  9. Soy garlic wings – I know this might be a less classy option, but people love their fried chicken wings, especially when it’s soy garlic flavored. I can see people resisting regular wings but when you add that extra flavor, there’s honestly no denying them even if you wanted to. A bit messy, but totally worth it.
  10. Cheryl’s cookies – I recently got an order of these and let me tell you, half of them were gone before I even got to take them to my friends. These cookies were so delicious that my family devoured them before I could blink. The special seasonal flavors set them apart from others, whether it’s the marshmallow frosted s’mores, or the peanut butter oat chocolate chip cookies, or the buttercream frosted pumpkin cut-out cookies, they literally just melt in your mouth and get you into the mood for the season in the best possible way!

Happy Holidays my pumpkins! ❤️

Cheryl's Cookies 1

This post was a collaboration with Cheryl’s Cookies. YUM! 

Until next time my loves,

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