Fun Ways to Stay Organized For Back To School

Summer is officially coming to an end and you know what that means. Back to school season is kicking into gear! If you’re like me, you probably feel that sense of unease building at the back of your mind. It’s easy to dread going back to the reality of homework and teacher meetings and coordinating busy schedules. That’s why I’m writing this post to share some of my tips for maintaining your sanity–so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable! 

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First off, I was always told that you shouldn’t waste your time trying to control everything, and you should figure out what you can control instead. That’s why for me, staying organized is key. Most of the organizing hacks on this list are everyday items you might already have, but they help keep my life in order and I’m excited to share them with you if you haven’t already incorporated them in your routine. 

  1. A Weekly/Monthly Planner: Okay, for anyone who is just starting on being more organized, a planner is literally going to be your best friend. It’s been said that when you jot things down, they’ll actually happen. Growing up in the digital age, I find that it’s easy to forget what we’ve typed but it’s much harder to forget what we’ve written. This planner in particular is called “Heart of Gold,” and I love that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also motivates you simply by existing. In here you can put down anything and everything. It’s yours to start this amazing journey. 
  2. Office Depot SJW 10.jpgPoly Expanding File Folder: This is a great option for anyone who needs a go to folder for a syllabus or different assignments. This lifesaver has six pockets back to back so it’s super versatile and you can get crazy creative when it comes to using each pocket.
  3. 13 Pocket Organizers: These are amazing when it comes to having a class that covers many topics or if you’re taking a heavy course load. When I was in college, I took six classes every semester and I accumulated a million folders and papers all over the place.This 13 Pocket Organizer can help you keep track of notes for different subjects or even organize all those handouts. It also gives you tabs so you can keep everything labeled and neat so you’re not sifting through a bunch of papers that aren’t organized. You can also keep it in this folder away in storage that way if you need it for anything, you don’t have to reorganize it! Depot SJW 2.jpg
  4. Letter Sorter: This one is so adorable, and it’s something that I have been using ever since I got it. It makes me look forward to my mail rather than seeing it as something to fear. Sometimes a cute item that makes a tedious task more palatable is worthwhile.
  5. Paper Clip Holder: Another option for one small items. Super cute! Perfect for cards, polaroids, or birthday cards. It also gives you all sorts of dorm vibes. 
  6. Undated Weekly Notepads: I love these because you can clearly see everything that you have to do for the week, and you can make revisions whenever. These are disposable and oh, did I mention? It matches perfectly with the planner I suggested above.
  7. File Folders: When I first saw these, I just knew I had to get all the beautiful colorsOffice Depot SJW 6.jpg that literally gave me life. When I look at my filing cabinet now, it no longer gives me a headache and I love seeing how organized and maintained everything is and it will keep inspiring me looking at how it brings me joy rather than it being associated with work!
  8. File Cabinet and Stool: This thing is pure genius–I’m not sure if there are any other words to describe it. This is an amazing 2-in-1. Instead of having a filing cabinet that swallows up space, this little guy can solve both space and storage problems at once. 
  9. Document Boxes: You know all those miscellaneous papers in different sizes, from regular mail to index cards to receipts and so forth? They would just clutter up my desk because I had no idea how to organize them. These boxes fixed that problem, and they’re also really handy for when I’m busy and simply need a single spot to store my papers temporarily. I now use them for documents I don’t need yet but keep on standy so they’re readily available.
  10. Supply Box: These are pretty much a must and they’re an essential back to school item with their nicely organized sections for post-its, clips, pins, and such. 

Office Depot SJW 8.jpg



  • Desk: LOVE this desk. Not only is it really big but it looks great for any kind of Office Depot SJW 3.jpgroom. 
  • Magazine File: Super versatile and can be used for almost anything. If you don’t have shelves these are great for magazines, books, or even folders.
  • Perpetual Desktop Calendar: Another great desktop item to track the days more easily. 
  • Desktop Easel: These are super great for motivating yourself and spicing up the decor. 


Office Depot SJW 14.jpgOffice Depot SJW 13.jpgOffice Depot SJW 12.jpg

These are just some of my favorites and I hope you guys enjoy them too. It may seem like a lot, but remember that even organizing a pile of papers on your desk is an important first step. You don’t need to be an organizing guru, but if you feel like you want to step up your game then maybe some of these items can help. Wishing you all the best school year ever! 

This post was in collaboration with See Jane Work at Office Depot. All the amazing products mentioned can be found with See Jane Work found at Office Depot. Be sure to check out their other savvy products as well. Trust me there was a lot of goodies I didn’t get to share.

Until next time my loves,

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