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How to have a more balanced life by a Social Media Influencer Single Mom

Being a single mom and an influencer, I’ve found that it’s very difficult to have a fully balanced life. But as I’ve stumbled along the way I’ve discovered some tips on how you can keep your life a little more manageable while keeping your sanity too.

  1. Don’t forget to eat.
    • Sometimes your schedule can get so crazy that meals get lost in the haze; however, people tend to forget that if you don’t eat you have less energy. Fortify Content 5.jpgSo if you take the time to replenish, your productivity level actually goes up so you can do more. Even if you can’t enjoy a full sit-down meal, snacks can go a long way. (I literally just got up to grab a bag of cookies, because I guess I should listen to my own advice, ha.)
  2. Hydrate yourself.
    • Some of these may seem like they go without saying, but we often forget that the basics are essential for our well-being. Something that I discovered about myself is that I don’t like drinking unflavored beverages, so I always have a club soda nearby with a little bit of flavor. Plain water is probably the healthiest option, but I can’t for the life of me drink a cup of water sitting in front of me and it just ends up untouched. So I compromise with a little sugary spritz because some hydration is better than none at all.
  3. Make a schedule.
    • I can’t even pretend on this front, but being tardy is definitely one of my flaws. I tend to overcommit myself to too many different things in a day and end up being behind in just about everything because I’m constantly playing catch up. It’s an endless cycle that usually bites me in the behind. Making a detailed schedule and sticking to it definitely helps. And this means even scheduling small tasks like reminding myself to eat or drink with an alarm that I won’t simply ignore.
  4.  “You are not crazy. You are a mother.”
    • Mental health is super important. One can appear physically healthy, but who knows what could be going on in a mental landscape. Fortify Content 6.jpgIt’s okay to take a break every now and then—to just hang out with your friends, go out and eat, or go to the movies. Your brain needs breaks too, and doing something to unload and recharge is so important for long-term productivity. It’s also crucial to have valuable relationships in your life to be a good support system for those times when you just need an extra boost.  
  5. It’s also okay to say no.
    • Set your priorities straight and see what you really need to make time for. Sometimes you’re so busy trying to keep everyone around you happy that you forget about yourself. This one might be a little out there, but there are some people who are drainers; they suck up your time and mental energy, and these are the people you have to put a limit on for your own sake. The key takeaway is that you don’t overexert yourself to the point that you lose focus on who you are or what you’re trying to do.
  6. Work it!
    • This one also goes without saying, but when you start feeling every bone and muscle in your body aching, you know you need to take care of yourself more.Fortify Content 4.jpg Age is a factor, but I saw this grandpa the other day that had a six pack, and I literally thought I have no excuse. Going to the gym is not on everyone’s agenda. Sometimes it’s laziness; sometimes you’d rather spend time on something else. For me it’s laziness. So if you’re like me, starting off with small goals like walking 8000 steps a day counts for something. And it pays off in the long run. My phone keeps count of the steps, and there are a bunch of other apps out there that help with improving physical activity.
  7. Internal feels.
    • HaFortify 3.jpgving established myself as someone who’s not always been the greatest at feeding myself or staying hydrated, I had to suffer a little before realizing the importance of staying healthy. In addition to changing up my eating habits, I’ve also included daily walks to build up my digestive system. I’ve always had a little issue with my internal system so now I’m trying a diverse range of food aiming at more vegetables and whole grains to get the movement going. I’ve also been taking FortifyProbiotics and have never felt better inside because it was a game changer for my health and life balance.*  The Fortify Women’s 30 Billion Probiotics are specifically formulated for women with researched probiotic strains to support digestive, immune, and vaginal health
  8. Set goals!
    • Sometimes the most difficult step is the first one because you feel overwhelmed. I say just try it out for a couple of months and see if you feel better. No success happens overnight. Don’t kill yourself trying to find a balance because not everything is for everyone. My formula is just a basis to start from that you can tweak to your own preferences. Some people might balk at the idea of schedules, and I used to be like that too. Spontaneity is the spice of life! But I’ve learned over the years that at least some scheduling is pretty beneficial. When you have most of your day planned out, you discover you have more peace of mind.
  9. Be an explorer!
    • Okay, I know this isn’t something you can do daily, but I find that traveling breaks the monotony of things and it works wonders for me. Whenever I Fortify Content 1.jpgcome back, I feel like a whole new person with a brand new mindset. Traveling gives you a different perspective, and it’s a great way to look at problems from a different angle or simply just to escape from your worries temporarily.
  10. ME TIME
    • THIS! Do things that relax your mind daily. Even if it’s only for five minutes a day, activities like listening to music, sitting in a quiet room, meditating, or even some therapeutic tidying up can help take a load off. Sometimes I just play random games on my phone so I don’t have to think, and it kind of acts like my reset button. Other times I just sit on the toilet for some peace and quiet. Until I’m rudely interrupted by my daughter standing outside the door yelling for me.


Fortify Content 2.jpg

Remember that you do not have to do everything. My list is just a suggested group of ideas that have worked for me. I have a crazy life and it’s definitely something I’m working on to manage better. This guide isn’t saying that you need to have every second of the day planned out, but even the most basic schedule can help keep your priorities in focus. I hope that some of my insights will be helpful for you all to find a more balanced life!

Until next time my loves,

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