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5 Nontraditional Things to Do for New Years Eve

Another year has come and gone and it’s time to welcome a new beginning. More often than not we usually wait for a special occasion to commemorate events, but I’ve always been a fan of celebrating the small things in life. We don’t always show our appreciation as much as we should; as cheesy as it sounds, here’s to a new day and to the people in our lives and to those precious moments we overlook in the grander scheme.


In keeping with my celebratory theme, I’m sharing five nontraditional ways you can ring in the New Year. Because variety is the spice of life:


  1. Take an impromptu flight. As weird as it sounds I actually think flying during the holidays is kind of cool because time becomes a strange concept. Crossing time zones means losing or gaining hours, and you’re never entirely certain where or when you are.
  2. Sleepover. Plan a cozy night in with a group of your friends and that way you can celebrate the New Year without worrying about how to get home.
  3. Volunteer. The holidays can be an especially rough time for those who are alone, so spreading some cheer by helping a local charity or shelter is a great way to start the New Year.
  4. Get away. If you’re planning to celebrate with a significant other, why not indulge a little by booking a hotel. Switching up the routine undoubtedly makes for an interesting story to share in the New Year.
  5. Go solo. It’s also perfectly okay to celebrate the New Year alone. A warm and snug couch, some online entertainment, and maybe an alcoholic beverage or two are all anyone really needs.


This year I’m taking option 4 with a dash of 5 and going far, far away with nothing else but Peter Yealands Wine. While heading to New Zealand would be ideal, we’ll take the second best option and bring a little New Zealand to us. This wine is classic, crisp, and delicious and we can’t wait to make our last 2018 toast with it. Here’s to life, love, and good drinks!


yealands 1yealands 7yealands 12

yealands 3

yealands 5yealands 4

Until next time my loves,

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