Behind the Scenes at Uber


Every New Yorker knows the challenge of getting to places on time. This is a city that’s constantly on the go, and we’ve got the transport request apps to prove it. So when Uber invited me to partake in a Diwali celebration with their Asian Heritage ERG (Employee Resource Group) in Pittsburgh, I packed my bag without further ado.

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Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights which typically falls between October and November; it’s a celebration of light conquering darkness, knowledge over ignorance. In many ways it’s relevant to the challenges Asian-Americans face in society. Our obstacles aren’t always as obvious as outright racism; they can be more insidious such as being denied a promotion despite years of well-qualified work. Uber’s Asian Heritage ERG is definitely a step forward in breaking down those barriers by celebrating our many unique Asian cultures in an open and inclusive manner.

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As expected of a successful tech company, Uber’s offices were modern and sleek with a bustling ambience. Gaurav and his team greeted us dressed in traditional Indian attire before leading us on a tour. The Diwali festivities were well underway with lively decorations and activities such as lantern making, henna tattoos, and dancing. Oh, and let’s not forget the food. Which was abundant and delicious, especially the samosas!

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As the day progressed, I began appreciating more and more the effort the Asian Heritage ERG put into this celebration. The care and thoughtfulness were evident in everything from the decorations to the well-crafted activities. It’s often easy to think of Uber as a giant money-making machine, but seeing the employees studiously working behind the scene humanizes them tremendously. Suddenly you remember all the people that come together to raise a company higher.

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I want to thank Uber for giving me the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with their employees and witness the strides they’re making for representation and diversity first hand. I’d say the future is looking pretty colorful.

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5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at Uber

  1. learned a few things that I didn’t know………………. I have never used a Uber. My sister and family were visiting thanksgiving and my great niece took one to the basketball game. No parking problems she uses them all the time


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