5 Ideas For a Date With Your Girlfriend in New York City.

Who says dating is only for relationships? Why not hang out with your pals with some platonic romantic dating. Hanging out with your girlfriend but not sure what to do? In a city that has so much to offer, the decisions can be rather so overwhelming that you get underwhelmed.

1. If you guys have have the entire day a really good option is a spa day. Treat yourselves to some well-deserved pampering from the hectic city life.

2. If you’re early risers, why not check out a matinee? You get the dual bonus of beating the crowds and saving some money!

3. If it’s brunch time get ready for some yummy grub! Go to a super cute and yummy cafe and get your brunching on!

4. If it’s the afternoon grab some tea and exercise your mind and body a little, whether it be a painting class, cooking class, or even coming out of your comfort zone by taking a dance class.

5. If it’s early evening, why not be extra and have a picnic on the beach and watch the sunset. This has the extra advantage for some glorious selfie opportunities as well.

For this Labor Day we decided to do exactly that. I recently celebrated with my friend Yanyi at beautiful Coney Island, which has a fantastically rich history and many hidden wonders among its streets. I hadn’t been back since the Independence Day Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, so it was sweet to wrap up the last unofficial day of summer there–before the kids started classes and mommy duties began full-time once again. Prior to our festivities, we popped open a #WinesOfProvence and the fun flowed from there The boardwalk was a blast to hang out on and the beach itself was amazing. Sunny skies and perfect sand greeted us. I haven’t had that much fun at Coney Island in quite a while. We took advantage of the beach with some dips in the water before settling down to relax, mingling with some fun people under the sun. Going on the rides and exploring the amusement park was a highlight as well. My weekend wouldn’t have been what it was without #WinesOfProvence being in the mix. The drink was delicious and the best icing on the cake for a fun-filled day. To top it off, we had some strawberries for our makeshift picnic–just to add an extra level of decadence! This allowed us to relax, take some nice photos, and enjoy each other’s company. We caught up on some lost times, and I got to learn a few new and interesting tidbits about Yanyi which I didn’t know previously.

I enjoyed our beach escapade so much that I decided to get some @WinesOfProvence for our house as well. I’ve been secretly having it as a nightcap after the kids go to bed so I can finally unwind. After a day of working, stressful commuting, and being a mom, you just need something to take the edge off!

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