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The Most Comfortable Everyday Casual Shoes

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For the last couple of years I’ve been looking for really nice, basic, and comfy sandals, and it honestly seemed like mission impossible. Every year around spring I’d be going in and out of stores to find that ideal summer shoe. I was like reverse Cinderella: there were plenty of options, but not the perfect one. Especially now that I’ve been doing more shoots, I learned that wearing heels the whole day simply wasn’t practical. Let’s be honest: the only reason why we would need heels is to look good for pictures. So I definitely needed shoes that I could easily slip on and off while going about my day.

Munro 3.jpg

My searches eventually led me to, where I pored over all the shoe options for hours to find my perfect pair. I eventually ordered two sets of shoes: one that everyone raved about for its amazing arch support (the many five star reviews helped), and the other pair was the Munro Pisces. This one almost fit to the tee everything I was looking for: simple, elegant, and easy to put on for everyday use. But the 267 reviews were all five stars, and that’s not something you just make up. So I decided to take a gamble and purchased them.

Munro 2.jpg

Lo and behold a couple days later both pairs of shoes arrived and I was so ready to finally have a go at them. I tried on the first pair of shoes and it was really shocking how…uncomfortable they were. I was completely confused because the result was totally opposite of what I’d expected. So after a few minutes of bewilderment, I decided to try on the Munro pair, which surprised me in another way. They were so comfortable that I started wondering if I’d accidentally confused shoes: that the ones I’d bought for comfort were actually the Munro shoes while the other pair was for the everyday use. But instead, I got the full package: supreme comfort and an elegant design in one pair of shoes.

While there were different colors to choose from, I went with suede for its nondescript presence and neutral tones. The other colors aren’t overtly flashy, however, and all of them would pair well with any outfit, formal or casual. The design is very simple with two bands in the front and a strap that goes around the back, a classic sandal that offers security so your feet don’t slip out. But the material makes all the difference. I’ve worn sandals and heels where the straps seem to dig straight into your skin, or they just start to chafe after a few minutes. These aren’t the case. They just envelope your feet comfortably without any discomfort. The cork padding also makes it a dream to walk.

I’ve now owned a pair for two weeks, and I’ve probably ended up wearing them 90% of the time. They quickly became my shoes for everything. I originally was supposed to wear them simply for getting to and from shoots, but because they ended up going with all my outfits so well I just wear them all the time now!

Munro 4.jpg

Made by Google 2.jpgAngela Roi 1

For anyone who’s a mom and is looking for decent shoes for the summer, these are definitely the ones you should consider. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they’re amazingly comfortable and easy to slip on and off. And for a busy parent who’s always on the go, that’s pretty important.

For those of you asking me on Instagram where I got these hero shoes. It was from Their site has one of the biggest range of styles and it has super fast and free shipping! The most amazing part is that they have a 365 return policy which is amazing. It makes shopping super easy with no fear of commitment.

Munro Pisces
Different Styles of the Munro shoes:

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