Mom Hacks

Let’s Talk About Labels

No, not those labels.
This is a memo to all moms and they can relate. So all moms has this struggle when once your kids start school they tend to mix up all their stuff with other kids and there’s no way of identifying who’s is who’s. Whether it be pre-k, camp or any level of school kids gets their stuff mixed up with other kids. However with this cool NameBubbles name tags they help organize your kids and other kids stuff in a very cute and cool way. They can be used on anything from dish-ware, bottles, cups to items like a soccer ball, electronics, to even like shoes! When I first heard of these I thought holy cow, where were these when my son first started school. However now with NameBubbles I’m super prepared with my little one and its not too late to help label my sons because he still manages to not know what items are his when he’s hanging out with his friends. These awesome labels are actually dish washer safe, microwavable and machine washable for clothes. On top of that they also offer dog tags to hang in either bags or keychains. I liked NameBubbles so much when I did a second order I had to order the emergency stickers that I can stick on all her items since she’s still a baby.
They have so much variety from little shoes to footballs to hearts and you can even pick what colors you want for those shapes and logos. They also sell blank ones so you can write on your own for kitchen jars like for spices or cookie jars etc. For the amount of you order, the price is actually really decent since they give you a lot in a variation of sizes. Another thing I will say about how helpful it is, is that it makes a perfect gift.
I’d say one of the most amazing things about this company that I thinks moms will love is kids who have allergies like nut, egg, dairy, gluten allergies. It’s an amazing way for teachers, care takers, nurses to know all about if the kids have any specific things they need to for for. I personally know a family friend baby who is allergic to everything i just named. I can’t even imagine leave my child unsupervised without me since I would be scared he or she would be passing out from any food.
In conclusion to all the moms that has kids starting their kids where there’s gonna be other kids. You absolutely need these stickers to help your kids lose things. Let’s be honest anything thats kid things are expensive and they definitely add up. These babies are gems for investments.

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