It’s always been a goal of mine to actually see the Golden Gate Bridge. Now one would think that wouldn’t be so difficult since I had been in San Francisco twice previously for conferences and both times after endless traveling, it was insanely foggy in such a beautiful city.


What is Babymoon?

In case none of you guys have heard of what a baby moon is: it’s when a mother and father to be are expecting a little one but instead of stressing away about the big day they go on a trip to get away from reality for a little bit and just enjoy each others company.


We rented a car to get around this fun city. If I wasn’t for being 8 months pregnant we would be riding the trolli and such but because in the case of an emergency, the car seemed to make more sense. I never thought driving could be such an adventure. The hills in San Francisco are CRAZY. They’re definitely at least 45 degrees. I can’t imagine just walking around from point A to point B on a constant basis. I’m extremely afraid of rollercoasters so driving up and down, having a heart attack, just to get food was something new. I hope driving under the influence in San Fran is a huge law breaker because it is so dangerous, since driving is hard enough, let alone driving under the influence with these high angled hills.

Before going on this trip I got a whole bunch of suggestions from my San Fran friends about where to go to and find the best places to eat. I didn’t want to only go to the touristy places but rather where locals normally dine at. So below I will share our trip through San Francisco over the course of the 3 days.

Guide for visiting San Francisco

1st Stop – Super Duper Burger


Loved this burger joint. It was the first place we ate upon arriving in the wonderful city of San Francisco. The decor kind of reminded me of Shake Shack. My bf and I got the super burger (2 patties) I didn’t think I can finish it but I had a lot of help from him after he was done with his. It was super yummy, you can just taste the juicy meat. We also got the garlic cheese friends. Very yummy but I think I would of appreciated it more had I not had so much of the burger. It also came with a lot of different yummy sauce. Maybe we were starving but even their mayo tasted very good.

As for drinks. Although recommended to get the milkshake, I really did want to but because I knew I was going to be full from all the other carbs we decided to save it for the next trip. We both got fountain drinks (club soda) to help digest the massive amount of food we ate.

Service was pleasant, they were very helpful and not too long of a wait for burgers.

Would I recommend this place to my friends? I don’t see why not.

Late Night Snack – Tselog SF


Loved coming here just for the simple fact that it was a hole in the wall. It kind of looked like a sushi bar but serving Filipino food. I got the Chicken while my bf got the pork belly and I swear Cali LOVESSS their garlic. We had garlic rice with it too. It was pretty yummy. Nothing crazy though. Next time I come back definitely want to try the corn beef. Someone next to me had it and I couldn’t stop eyeing it.

The service was great and it was very laid back with rotating amount of calm customers which was nice on our first night in San Fran.

Would I recommend this place to my friends? Yesss!! Especially since its one of the rare places in Cali that’s opened up late!

Bunch Time! – Brenda’s French Soul Food


Always wanted to go to a decent brunch place and Brenda’s is perfect for that! It was also super convenient because it was right downstairs from our hotel. The line wasn’t huge when we went maybe just a 5-10 minute wait. The service was super friendly even when my manfriend ordered 5 different things to drink. Lol.

I got the crawfish beignets because they just looked SO amazing in pictures. However, maybe it was just my taste but it almost felt TOO flavorful. I loved the bread it was wrapped in than the crawfish. I actually preferred my manfriends gumbo which was also flavorful but wasn’t as overwhelming as the crawfish.

Would I recommend this place to my friends? Yes and recommend to try a few different things!

Dinner for Two – PPQ Dungeness Island

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hmmm I mixed feelings about this place. This was a place recommended by a friend that’s a local to San Fran. I wanted to eat at all the places that normal Californians like to eat.

Now where do I begin, the wait for this place was an hour. Yes an hour, after they told me it was going to be 35 minutes. I figure okay there HAS to be a reason why so many people are waiting this long. Their menu looks simple enough why not. We ordered the dinner for 2 and although I have to say their service is VERY fast. Their food was not worth $35 a person for or the hour wait for that matter.

The rolls and salad was good, simple. I was already getting pretty full off of just that. Again I must say California LOVES garlic. Their Garlic noodles were good, reminded me of back home but again not work $12 for a medium size bowl. The actual crab was a giant one but the sauce wasn’t as amazing as everyone made it to be seemed. I loved the sauce from other cajun inspired food but this one was just a lot of butter and garlic. I think if this place didn’t have the wait then I would appreciate it more at face value.

Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes but on a much much less busy day.

Google Me


I let my manfriend take away full responsibility of the itinerary of what we were going to do on this first weekend of December. He kept insisting we drive into this district where all the businesses are. I was very confused because in New York City, we’re in a whole city of where all the businesses are. But he kept insisting on going to Google headquarters since I also do Youtube.

It was actually quite interesting and I can see why Google is one of the top places to work. This place actually looks like a huge playground. There’s Google bikes everywhere! There’s also lawns for volleyball or BBQs. It’s insane. It inspires me to create a business one day where it’s fun for everyone to work in.

P.s. If you do Google “Yuena” I’m right there!

Sunset Chaser


There’s just something about sunsets that make you feel so peaceful. Cali sunsets are definitely one of a kind. Staring off onto the west coast boarder you catch the sun just as it’s peaking down. Every time you travel you should catch the sunset at least once. It’ll snap you out of reality like a breath of fresh air.

Appetizers at Napa Valley – Hog Island Oyster Co

Came here because it was HIGHLY recommended by my friends. This place was obviously known for their oysters. It was honestly pretty yummy. Not sure if it’s worth the $3 per piece but I guess thats why they have HH rates. Had we had more time in San Fran, we definitely would have indulged more in those oysters with a better price.

We also got the clam chowder and I had to say, it’s probably one of the best I’ve had. They gave at least 20 baby clams but its the bread dipped with chowder that was my favorite. It was one of the first times that I didn’t eat it and feel like it tasted like it came out of a can.

The service was very smooth and it was nice seeing everything being made in the Kitchen. Similar to Hibachi but for seafood.

Would I recommend this place to my friends? Yes but for the to go during happy hours.

Eat like a Local – El Farolito

Another highly recommended place from my friends. It was decent. Not amazing as everyone said it would be. The service was very fast and loud (you’ll understand when you get there). Perhaps it was because we had just had appetizers from an upscale restaurant that made the contrast so drastic but none-the-less this place was definitely popping, from live music to countless amount of locals here. It was located in one of the shadiest neighborhoods we had been to.

We ordered a super burrito with steak. That thing was pretty diesel. I only ordered two tacos and even that was pretty huge. We had to take our food to go after trying to eat it for an hour. I won’t argue, this place is totally bang for buck.

Would I recommend this place to my friends? Yes! I’d like to come back at a time where I am also hungry to make it a fair playing field for this place. 🙂

Union Square in San Francisco


My manfriend took me here to enjoy the serene night life of San Francisco. It’s so odd to see palm trees decked out with Christmas lights but yet so beautiful. This park was like a combinations of New York’s Union Square – with the same title, Harold square – with Macy’s across the street, Bryant Park – with the ice skating ring, Rockefeller center with the tallest tree in the city.

Although this park may seem like the jack of all trades, it made me appreciate New York City so much more for having all these different parks each holding a separate amenity. I can’t imagine being a tourist during the day. It would be so packed!

Unique Sweets – Dragon Poppa

So I’m a mighty sucker for dessert, when searching for a dessert place on Yelp in San Francisco (something I can’t find in New York), it was quite the challenge.

Somehow I stumbled upon this nice little boutique where the service was very upfront and personal. I asked a lot of questions about what this is exactly and the gentleman was very patient which is something I appreciated.

These little desserts were definitely very unique. I bought two different versions, the original and strawberry. They primarily take cash but they do take card too just that then they have to charge you taxes. I liked it since it was quite the unique texture but it got stuck to my teeth a little bit too often and although I understand the delicacy of this dessert but I’m not sure if its worth $2.50 a piece.

Would I come here again? Sure! Only for people that loves unique desserts!

Must Have Boba – O Sweet Tea


Dropped by here in the last couple hours of traveling around San Francisco. One of the things on this trip’s bucket list was to try the “boba” tea in California. Since there was a time crunch, I went to the first boba place I saw and they had exactly what I was looking for. Something I won’t find in NYC. Which was a HUUUUUUGE (no pun intended) cup with a flavor that I’ve never tried. The flavor was “Hokkaido Milk Candy” and it was amazing. I brought the drink back and legit my boyfriend couldn’t help but engulf the whole thing. Aside from that all the flavors is something I can get in New York!

The regular cup was 4.75 (regular bubble tea size) or the large cup was 5.75 (but it looked double the regular cup) I mean it’s no brainer.

Would I come back here? Hell yeah! Just for that giant cup!

It wouldn’t be Cali if we didn’t have – In-N-Out

Had to get this one way or another on trip of ours in San Fran. Originally we wanted to get it as soon as we landed but then decided it can wait. Instead we got it two hours before our flight takes off.

In-N-Out is a good burger joint. Menu is very simple. The burgers are good. However are these to die for no. Shake shack or In-N-Out perhaps I’m NYC bias but I love Shack Shack. It’s sooo yummy and I love the variation better. The service was great, very friendly staff and helpful folks.

The animal style fries were yummy and definitely brought a little more flavor to In-N-Out so I will give them that much.

Would I recommend this to my friends? Yes! It’s a must-try but you’ll be fine if you don’t.


Thank you to my manfriend for being so patient with me, little things like checking off the list of everything I wanted to see, attempting to take a picture with a DSLR, getting an upgraded seat by flirting with the male agent at the gate so I can be more comfortable in our longest flight yet and simply making this trip happen. With the stress of the holidays and baby coming its been quite the ride into prepare for our newest addition.

Let’s travel the world, one day sooner rather than later.

With Love,

Thank you for stopping by!  Let’s be friends!!😀
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18 thoughts on “Babymoon

  1. This post made my mouth water within two seconds of reading it. You got to try so much amazing food and visit so many fun places. I’ve always wanted to see the Google headquarters! Glad you got some time to enjoy all of this before baby comes!

    Stephanie //


  2. Congrats! Such a cute post, i hope you had a good time here in SF. The weather had cool down quite a bit the last few weeks. Glad to see you check out some good places to eat.
    xoxo, Rachel


  3. What a special thing to do together before the baby comes ! I have never heard of a baby moon, but it is such a clever idea. Sounds like you all had a great time. And you hit some yummy spots in San Fran ! Congrats on your baby !


  4. Dear Yuena,
    This was such great reading and I got so many new tips and ideas for my next trip to SF. Thinking of it, it’s been quite a few years now and seeing all the delicious food actually made me semi hangry, haha. Gotta get me some burgers now, although they won’t be as good as the one you recommended.



  5. Absolutely love the baby moon. never heard of it and completely love it babe!! Such a wonderful post. SF is one of my favourite cities and cant wait to go again and visit all this great food places.
    Thanks for sharing



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