Free Products From Influenster

I’m so silly, I didn’t even know about this until just recently. Then even when I finally signed up, I still had no idea what I was doing. Once I finally understood how everything worked then I thought “Oh wow. This is actually pretty cool.”

So before going any further, if you haven’t heard about Influenster it’s website/app that gives their users absolutely FREE products. Yes and who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

Influenster for Dummies

What exactly is Influenster?
The simplest way for me to explain: think of it as a Yelp for products except occasionally they will send you FREE products for you to review.

This is perfect for people who already are a social media influencer but for people who don’t have a following, don’t sweat it. They don’t discriminate. (I explain down below!)

How to get started!

  1. Sign up (if you haven’t already) at Influenster.
  2. Download the App.
  3. Connect your social media! Ie. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.
    • They will not post anything without your permission or randomly spam.
  4. Play with the App and get used to it!

That was literally all I did with it. Then about ten days later I got a surprise in the mail. It was my first Voxbox! And I had zero idea what to do with it. I didn’t understand why I was getting a random box for free. (Luckily I had a friend explain everything, thank you Helen)

The Endless Summer VoxBox Included:

  • Masterpiece Max Mascara, $14.22 on
  • Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner, $12.99 on
  • Numi Organic Turmeric, Jasmine Green, & Pu-erh Teas, $6.99 at
  • Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave-In Conditioner, $9.94 on
  • Seche Vite® Mini, $7.82 on fast-drying top coat
  • Seche Premier Colour in Cunning and Intrepid, $9.99 each at Sally Beauty
  • Iron-Tek Essential Protein, $34.40 on Source

Apparrently I was supposed to unlock some badges.. but what the hell are badges??

What are these badges you speak of?
Badges are something you receive for being an expert in a certain brand or topic. It’s sort of like a game to me. They give you a couple tasks like snapchat this product, or show off this lipstick on you, or show us how you drink tea. These brands donate these products to help spread the word of what you just got for free! It all makes sense now right? But if you don’t want to share what you got it’s okay too.

This month I actually got two boxes! 

BITE Matte Creme Lip Crayon VoxBox

My friends even received a Marc Jacobs Blush ($42) and my other girlfriend got a whole coffee maker by Barista Brain ($200)! 

Tips on how to get more VoxBoxes!

  • Unlock expert badges: Beauty Queen, Fashionista, Sweet Tooth, Jetsetter (these are super easy!) All you have to do is either write reviews for products you’ve used – not necessarily through influencer.
  • Unlock lifestyle badges: It’s similar to expert badges except just a variation to give you an opportunity to get more badges!
  • Pay attention to emails: for certain boxes you’ll be shortlisted for it. However a survey will be able to see if you got what they’re looking for. Ie. age, gender, experience with a product etc. (If you don’t end up getting the box, don’t take it personally! I’ve been shortlisted for three boxes since I’ve only joined in August and I didn’t get any of them. TT_____TT)
  • Stay active! Ask questions and answer some too!
  • Connect all your social media and grow them of course. Your impact score will help you get more boxes. Don’t forget to invite your friends! This is a really cool concept, so why not spread the love??

Just a note: If you don’t get a Voxbox right away. Don’t be disappointed. Many of my friends who aren’t Bloggers, YouTubers or Instagram famous still get awesome complimentary products.

About Influenster: This company has actually been around for a long time and is constantly growing. I had a few friends who used it year ago and returned upon the awesome things they were giving away. I’m really proud of them (even though I only joined in August 2016 and only started to understand how they work just recently) for bringing more and more amazing products.

And no, they did not pay me to write any of this. (I wish) but just thought I would spread the love so everybody wins!

With Love,
Yuena 💌

27 thoughts on “Free Products From Influenster

  1. I tried using Influenster about a year ago and I got so confused with the app. I had no clue what I was doing and didn’t really know anyone else who used it so I gave up, and then I was super sad that I missed out on a bunch of their cute boxes. Maybe I need to give it another go and see what happens! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Stephanie //


  2. This sounds like such a fun program to get involved with! How fun is it to get goodies delivered to your door all the time? Love the matte cream lip crayons they sent you 🙂
    Xx, Kathryn


  3. INfluenster is so great because anyone can use it!! I actually looked into influenster previously and was introduced to Hourglass Cosmetics! It’s so cool that you got voxboxes of goodies! I’ve heard so many good things about Simple make up wipes. Let me know how they are! ❤

    XO Jenn


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